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Thank You 

Thank you for trusting me to guide you along this journey of learning ASL. 

Starr Clinton, Founder of Nita's Silent Hands, Inc

Deaf Culture Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Don’t voice and sign at the same time.

  2. Don’t yell or throw objects to get a deaf person’s attention

  3. Don’t wait to walk through a signed conversation.

  4. Don’t just jump in like you are a member of the Deaf community

  5. Don’t act like you are fluent in ASL if you are not.

  6. Don’t interpret if you can’t

  7. Don’t eavesdrop on a signed conversation.

  8. Don’t leave a Deaf person out of a conversation with hearing people

  9. Don’t assume that a Deaf person is less intelligent because their English is grammatically incorrect.

  10. Don’t get mad if Deaf people are being too loud.

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